Living Room Feng Shui for Luck, Wealth and Happiness In 2016

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The living room is the place for family gathering and guests welcoming almost every day. Therefore, you should specially notice the arrangement of living room furniture and the decoration according to Feng shui to gain wealth, luck and happiness in the year 2016. Feng shui is a method in furniture arrangement from Eastern countries especially China. Using feng shui in living room could help attract the positive energy for your whole family. You might think that feng shui requires much expensive and luxurious furniture, but in fact, all you need to do is using the arrangement according to the element flow and combine it with some rules about colors and shapes. You don’t need the best ceiling fans or an expensive recliner to apply feng shui into your house. I will show you how to make your living room different with small tips and tricks below.

  1. The position of living room is near the main entrance door

living room

According to Feng shui, the best position to put the living room is near the main entrance, it would be easier for the Chi flow from the outside to get in directly. If the flow has to pass a long hallway to reach the living room, then you have to keep the hallway always clean, have enough light, tidy and avoid the air corruption there. With the house with more than 1 floor, the best position for living room is the first floor, so it can obtain the most Chi flow.

  1. The living room should be in squared shape

In fact, there are houses that have a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere right when you walk in, but there are also many houses bring you a feeling of awareness and depressed. The main reason is the structure of the house, especially the living room. A house with regular shape, luminous atmosphere with harmonic structure is always a good choice for the living space.

  1. You should not put the recliner under the ceiling crossbeam

If your living room has crossbeams, you should not put the sofas or recliners underneath. The living room should not have sharp corners as well, if it does, use the wardrobe or some room trees to cover them. The tree with large leaves can help purifying the negative energy that was created from sharp corners and decrease the bad effects of those corners to the living room. Besides, the ceiling of the living room should be high enough.

  1. Don’t put the back of tables and chairs to the front door

tables and chairs

When arranging furniture, sofa or chairs in living room, you should do it according to the shape of your room, chairs should be put opposite to each other, sofa with L shape… However, you must not put the back of those furniture to the front door direction thus make the sight is limited, so people in the living room can’t notice that the guests are coming in. Moreover, this arrangement makes people feel unsecured.

  1. Using proper art painting for the wall

Paintings and drawings for the living room should be considered very carefully. They must suit the position of the house owner. According to the style, career of the house owner, we can choose proper paintings for the living room wall. For example, if the house owner is working in office, the painting about horses with the meaning of luck and success would be a perfect present, or the traders often like painting about yellow rice field, which mean money and wealth.

  1. Using trees in living room

Another notice for the living room feng shui: the house owner should consider using green trees inside the room. It could be decorative trees with the meaning of luck, health, wealth or money… These trees would provide a refreshing atmosphere for your living room. But you don’t need to put a fake one instead of real tree because it would make your room lack of life and comfortable.

Of course, these are some small tips according to the design and decoration of experts in home improvement. For your own good, search for the reviews and news about feng shui online, and you can find which is good for your living room.

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