Sauteed Vegetable Recipe

When I find some of my days are quite busy, these sauteed vegetable recipes are my favorites.
They are comfortable and quick preparing recipes for your reference. By this, I still can spend my time on my works as well as for preparing healthy meals for my family.
The first sauteed vegetable recipe called Quick Sauteed Carrots, the name has clearly described the simplicity. In my family, I used to serve it as a side dish. You can use baby carrots for a better appearance since it will be easier to coat them all evenly.
Quick Sauteed Carrots
Two medium carrots
2 tbsp vegetable broth
Saute carrots in vegetable broth. Add enough honey to coat and continue cooking until the carrots are “glazed.”
The next sauteed vegetable recipe is Sauteed Zucchini with Garlic Flavor. I usually saute garlic and onion first; it will enhance the aroma of the garlic. However, you may have your style of cooking; it’s up to you