Grilled Vegetable Recipe

I got this grilled vegetable recipe a bit earlier than the information to caption it.
It is said that chemical stuff contained in the grilling charcoal will likely evaporate and be absorbed by the veggie and that could be a dangerous thing for our health, therefore should be avoided.
However, if you are so in love with such food, do remain not to grill it overdone, another way you can bleach the veggie first and cook it the bit later for only to get the vegetable browned, or you can try to oven roasting it instead.
The following Vegetable Barbecue recipe wants you to grill the vegetable inside foil wrap; this could be another option instead of cooking it directly on charcoal.
Vegetable Barbecue
Two portabello mushrooms
One eggplant diced 1/2 inch thick
One red onion, sliced
One tomato, sliced
One red pepper, fire roasted
1/4 cup low-fat mozzarella cheese
One pita bread
1 white ear corn
Spray with olive oil spray. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and spices of your choice.

Marinate until ready. Wrap the veggies with foil or put inside foil pouch. Grill on BBQ.

For one serving