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Important maintenance tips to keep your air compressor new

Every woodworking or production industry needs a good air compressor. Especially, if you want to power that pneumatic equipment well then a properly maintained air compressor is required. You can think of the compressor as the main muscle behind pneumatic tools. Not only you will be able to get optimum performance but the final end results are going to be quite fruitful. Here are some important maintenance tips that can be followed to keep the air compressor in mint condition.

Always read the instructions manual in detail

The first and the most important step are to read all the important instructions that are mentioned in the owner’s manual. Though there are many experienced people who think that there is no need to read the instructions manual but the real fact is that there is a great amount of valuable knowledge that is mentioned in the manual. You will definitely come to know about excellent maintenance tips and by following those tips you will be able to keep the equipment in a neat condition.

Store your air compressor at a neat and clean place

Even if you are using the air compressor during the day and keeping it ideal during the night then also you need to make sure that it is kept at a place which is neat and clean. The storage place should be free from dust and excessive moisture. Moreover, it is always good to keep the compressor covered when not in use.

Regular oiling wherever required should be done

There are some compressors which require regular oiling. These are mainly those compressors which are used for heavy industrial applications. There are some which do not require oiling. Hence, you need to make sure that whatever is the need of an air compressor it must be fulfilled so that the delicate components inside the compressor work perfectly and in a smooth manner.

Ensure regular and daily maintenance

There are few things that you need to check on a daily basis such as cleaning and zero dust accumulation near the compressor. In order to prevent water and rust damage, keep the area near compressor clean. If you see any moisture inside the compressor tanks then make sure to clean the moisture and also blow or wipe the debris from and near the tools and equipment.

Weekly maintenance is a must

Not only daily but you also have to ensure proper weekly maintenance. While doing the weekly maintenance make sure to clear the air intake vents by removing all the obstructions. Inspect every part in detail and if you see anything struck up, make sure to remove it immediately. The safety release valve should work properly and there should be any air leakage while the air pressure is being released. These are very simple and basic steps but can go a long way in keeping your air compressor in a great condition. In order to know more about the air compressor maintenance tips you can also visit air compressorhub’s website and read important air compressor reviews.

Also ensure monthly maintenance

This is a sort of maintenance which should being done once in a month and it involves checking of moving parts, cords, hoses and safety release valve. Though it is an old fashioned checkup but it is essential to keep the compressor working in a smooth condition. You should also make sure that the electrical connections are checked and if you see any damaged cord then make sure to get it repaired or get it replaced from an professional electrician.

Bi-yearly maintenance should be on your priority list as well

Apart from daily and monthly maintenance procedure you should also make it a point to ensure bi-yearly maintenance. This involves checking of air compressor fittings so that any leaks are not there and all the gauges display correct reading. Any deviation in the reading must be dealt seriously and get it checked from a professional.

These were some of the best air compressor maintenance tips and if followed properly and systematically can help you enjoy working with your air compressor for a very long period of time.

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Camping Family Fun

A guide to family camping in New York State includes the basic equipment needed for car-camping, fishing, and outdoor cookery. Tips on surviving New York’s changeable weather include a rain tarp to protect one’s tent and board games to play until rain abates. Contact numbers for camping reservations are also provided.

Given the pressures of today’s fast-paced society, people are always searching for new ways to relax and spend their all-too precious vacation time. Often we end up choosing vacations that, while entertaining and enjoyable, keep us running so that we come back exhausted from the festivities.

If you want to take some time off to slow down and enjoy life, try camping at one of the DEC public campgrounds. It’s a great way to simply relax, enjoy the great-out-of-doors, and get reacquainted with the family.

Family camping at a state campground is easy. And with today’s campground facilities, you have much of the creature comforts of being at home. DEC operates 50 campgrounds located in the Adirondack and Catskill forest preserves, most with full bathrooms, and even shower facilities available. Other amenities at DEC campgrounds include a picnic table and fireplace with large grate at each site, water spigots nearby for cooking or drinking water. In addition to the conveniences DEC campgrounds provide, most are located in some of the most scenic portions of the state, enabling people to fully enjoy the beautiful landscapes New York has to offer. My family especially loves the mornings — waking up in the woods, smelling the often cool, crisp air and gazing over the water. It’s a peaceful feeling everyone should experience.

For those individuals who need to be “doing,” DEC campgrounds offer plenty of outdoor recreational activities as well. Most have beaches associated with them; a few have horse trails. Nearby are hiking trails that range from novice to expert. Some offer canoe and boat rentals and several grounds are located near nature centers.

Of course, if you’d like to do something a little more adventurous and rustic, a number of DEC campgrounds offer more primitive camping in wilderness settings. My family likes to alternate between car-camping and canoe-camping. One time we will head to our favorite Adirondack campground for some relaxation swimming at the beach, paddling and fishing along the lakes and ponds and then toasting marshmallows over the fire. The next outing we will head to a more remote Adirondack campsite, paddling in for several hours, fishing along the way and then swimming in the lake off the campsite. Even our favorite remote site is outfitted with a picnic table and fireplace, making life more comfortable. Using a latrine, and foregoing the shower are really the only “roughing it” we encounter, but the peace and solitude is well worth it.

family camping

Getting Started

For family camping, the best way to start out is car-camping using a tent. That is, you load all your gear into the car and go to a campsite where you set up the tent. Your car is right at the site, providing a convenient place with easy access to store all your extra gear and food. This frees up most of your tent space for just sleeping and hanging out — a place where children love to spend their time.

Camping equipment is easy to get and can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. All you really need are a few basic items, such as: tents with rain fly (a must in New York State) or all weather tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, flashlights and/or lantern, cook stove, mess kit (pot, skillet, cooking utensils), individual place settings (paper plates work well), matches and a first aid kit. Modern tents that sleep six weigh less than 10 pounds and set up can be in five to 10 minutes — a far cry from the heavy canvas tents of earlier times. Likewise, sleeping bags are much lighter and battery-operated lanterns allow you and the kids to safely read or play games in your tent at night. Sleeping pads makecamping comfortable for everyone and come in a variety of forms. Inexpensive air mattresses can be purchased at most local stores.

If you’re not sure you want to make the investment until you know if you’re going to like it, most local outdoor store places have all the items available, you can choose between various from tents on sale and sleeping bags, to lanterns, cooking stoves and utensils.

Over the years, my family has learned that several other items come in handy for making camping more comfortable: a couple of lawn chairs; a tarp with plenty of rope for hanging between trees (great for rainy weather); beach paraphernalia for a day of swimming; a day pack for carrying some items when taking a hike; and a smaller grate to put on the fireplace to stop food from falling through. You can use one of your oven racks as a grate, or for a couple of dollars purchase a back-packing grate.

The nice thing about car-camping is you can bring as much equipment as you desire because you can store it in your car. When we first started family camping with an infant, we threw the port-a-crib and the portable highchair in the car. The port-a-crib was a savior both in the tent at night, and in the campsite during the day.

Go Fish

Whenever my family goes camping, we always take along our fishing poles. Fishing is a fun activity the entire family can enjoy, and if you’re successful, your catch can provide a meal.

Go FishFishing doesn’t require any special skills, and only a minimal amount of equipment. Inexpensive rod and reel set-ups can be purchased just about anywhere, but all you really need is a pole, some line, some hooks, bobbers and worms. If you have a water site, fish right from shore. Panfish such as blue gills and sunfish are plentiful in most of the waters.

If you want to try some fishing farther afield and don’t own a watercraft, a number of the campgrounds rent canoes or rowboats. There are also numerous local private outfitters where you can rent a boat, many of them also rent fishing equipment. Most campgrounds provide boat launching facilities, making it easy to access the water.

Exploring the local waterways and fishing along the shoreline is a very relaxing way to spend your time. Kids (as well as adults) love the sense of accomplishment when they hook and reel in a fish. Since New York’s waters have some of the best fishing in the nation, you won’t be disappointed.

Fishing licenses are required for everyone 16 and older, but children fish for free and the price of a license is comparable to going to the movies (and the license is good for the entire season). If you do decide to keep and cook the fish, be sure you have checked out the regulations regarding sizes for various fish species as well as health advisories about eating fish. These are found in the Regulations Guide issued with each license and on the DEC Website at


Mealtime is not something to be dreaded when camping. Meals can be simple or elaborate, depending on your taste. Just keep in mind that unless you want to go to the store every day, you’ll need to keep food refrigerated in a cooler, so the simpler the better. The nice thing about cooking while you’re camping is that food somehow always tastes better when it’s cooked outdoors.

Some easy meals my family enjoys while camping are: for breakfast — donuts, pop tarts, English muffins, bagels or cereal (variety packs are great); for lunch — salami, cheese and crackers, apple or orange slices; gorp (a great snack made up of mixing nuts, raisins or other dried fruits, pretzels or Chex cereal and M&M’s candy), granola bars, and the old standby — PB&J sandwiches; for dinner — hot dogs, burgers (pre-make patties at home), chicken (pre-cooked at home), soup with rice or pasta in it; pasta with sauce, macaroni and cheese, baked potatoes cooked in the fire, rice or cous-cous, carrot and celery sticks.

Cooking can be done right on the grill provided, or on a portable camp stove. Most of my cooking is done on a camp stove — it is easy to use, ready right away and you don’t have to worry if the wood is dry.

What About Bad Weather?

camping family funOne of the realities of camping in the Northeast is that it could rain. But rain doesn’t have to mean the end of a camping trip. In fact, some of my family’s most relaxing and closest times have been in the tent waiting out a rainstorm. The rain simply forces you to totally relax and spend time with each other. Bring along some board games to play or books to read. If we’re feeling adventurous, we’ll don rain gear and go for a walk. The rain brings out lots of cool creatures that the kids love to see.

But if staying in a tent during bad weather sounds dreadful, there are a lot of other things you can do. (Note: If your tent is not large, then staying in a narrow space for hours is a tragedy. The tip is choose a big ten, or two room tent with zipped divider.) Another convenience of our state campgrounds is that most of them are located near (or only a short distance from) a number of conveniences and attractions. There are museums, shops, movie theaters and restaurants nearby for entertainment. So, if the weather turns bad, or you’re just one of those people who can’t sit still or need a change of scenery, hop in the car and visit some local spots.

This year, try some family camping at a state campground. It’s a great vacation that your children will remember forever.

Happy camping


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What is The Best Pressure Cooker To Buy

Not satisfied with all the cooking utensils available in your kitchen, you feel frustrated while cooking, so you start to think about using a pressure cooker. Yes, the pressure cooker not only helps you cook more delicious, more quickly, but also more efficient than conventional cooking methods. These are just a few reasons why you should start your transition with the best pressure cooker. If you get lucky, you might even find pressure cookers that have some unique function.

What is the best pressure cooker to buy, there are actually many, more than you could actually use all at once. The market today is flooded with products that are said to be of good quality, including the pressure cookers, only to find out that only their own manufacturers say that they are best. There are so many scams on the market today for the pressure cooker reviews, so you should be careful to choose a pressure cooker for yourself. Today, I will reveal to you two pressure cookers which I think is best now because I’ve been using it for years. I think you will definitely enjoy it like me.

  1. Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

best pressure cooker to buyI believe that this is the best electric pressure cooker available in the US market today. Practically, it is a 6-in-1. It further features three temperatures in browning or in sautéing and in slow cooking. It has an embedded microprocessor that takes into consideration the volume of food inside as it monitors the temperature, the pressure and adjusts the heat just as what the food needs for cooking.

With the all-in-one capabilities the Instant Pot LUX60 Electric Pressure Cooker offers an exceptional versatile appliance to any kitchen. As a pressure cooker, slow cooker or rice cooker, the Instant Pot LUX60 Pressure Cooker offers functional variety using one appliance. Any type of rice is cooked to fluffy perfection. Healthy perfect meals are cooked in no time using the pressure cooker settings of either high (9psi) or low (5psi). The pressure valve can be used to abruptly release pressure. Method released only two choices, open and closed. If you want something that is able to maintain an accurate cooking temperature as well as producing juicy products, the Instant Pot LUX60 is the best choice for you.

  1. Cuisinart 1000-Watt 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric Pressure Cooker ReviewsWhen compared to the traditional stove top methods, the Cuisinart CPC-600 1000-Watt 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker reduces cooking times up to 70%. The pressure cooker unit traps the steam raising the pressure inside the cooker and raising the temperature. The tight seals to lock moisture, heat and flavor of the foods you cook. Food is nutritional better tasting and healthier with this method retaining the vitamins and minerals.

If you are in a hurry, you can directly pull out your products without the fear of being blasted with tons of steam as you open it. Other pressure cooker designs either do not allow you to open it unless all the pressure is released which wastes a lot of your time while other designs allow it but you will be blasted with a cloud of steam that could damage your cooker.

If the cooking is done and you are not around to open it or release the pressure, the cooker automatically performs this for you only that it does so gradually. This keeps the food warm and freshly cooked despite being a few minutes beyond its accomplished cooking time, something that is usually lacked in a lot of modern pressure cooker designs.

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Things to Consider when Selecting Best Blender for Green Smoothies

It can be confusing for an amateur smoothie maker as to what kind of machine to buy, so we have created this website to remove any confusion, and answer questions about the top blenders available in the marketplace today. Our authority website will save you hassle, time and money, and you’re far more likely to choose the best blender for green smoothies after reading our expert reviews.

If you plan to make smoothies, shakes, protein drinks or blend soups and meals for your baby then it’s essential to look at the size of the motor of the particular blender that you have in mind. They can range from around 175 watts to 800 watts.

For cocktails and smoothies you need a decent ice crushing mechanism which won’t wear down with regular use. You need to decide whether the blender for green smoothies for your home will have stainless steel blades or crushing parts which have been manufactured using a different material such as toughened plastic. The crushing power and number of speed settings could also make a difference in the quality of smoothies, so it’s best to avoid machines which only have one setting. Find out whether the blender doubles up as a travel cup because this could be extremely convenient for your journey to work as you can drink healthy breakfast smoothie en route.

Best Blender for Green SmoothiesLook at the capacity of the blending jar so that you can determine whether it will be big enough to hold enough liquid to serve the whole family in one go. This is important as it can save a lot of time on busy school mornings. Remember to research how many decibels are emitted when the blender is in use, as you don’t want to wake someone up who is trying to have a lazy lie in. If reviews show that it’s overly noisy then you should probably steer clear unless you live on your own.

The best blender for green smoothies should be easy to use and convenient to take apart and clean. Preferably, a blender will be dishwasher proof. Take extra notice when you are doing your research on our specialized website to see whether the blender comes with a handy wrap around cord as this makes it easier to store away in a cabinet when you’re not using it. If your kitchen is on the small side, then you would probably prefer a smaller model of blender so that you still have room on the kitchen counter to chop up the fruit and vegetables for the smoothie.

If you are going to use a blender for business purposes, for example, you’re going to sell smoothies in your coffee shop, then it’s paramount that you choose a good sturdy, industrial style model which can easily cope with the volume of smoothies that you will be making.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a position to splash the cash or whether you are on a frugal budget. There are so many blenders to choose from that there is something suitable for most tastes and budgets. Reading up on your subject on our website will prevent you from making costly mistakes, and will ensure that when you use your blender for the first time, you will be 100% satisfied.

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Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Stainless Steel Electric Review

Product Description

best pressure cookers on the marketDescribed as Next Generational, The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker is Canadian designed expressly for North American buyers. Cooking times are reduced by 2-6 times and 70% less energy is used. Most importantly, The Instant Pot creates wholesome healthy food in a beneficial and dependable manner.

The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker is a programmable cooker that combines 6 in 1 functions. The functions include pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming and warming. The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker offers improved cooking results with consistency and enhanced safety features. An embedded microprocessor of 3rd Generational technology guarantees success with this pressure cooker. Convenient healthy dishes are as easy as pressing a button. Instant Pot has 8 built-in programs and 3 adjustable modes making cooking easier than ever.

Natural ingredients retain more flavor and nutrition when using the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker. The Instant Pot is a kitchen-friendly appliance that produces little to no noise or steam. There is no health concern over inner non-stick coatings using the Stainless Steel Instant Pot.

For those who have a limited budget but still want to get the best pressure cooker, then Instant Pot 6-in-1 is a perfect choice. We have found Amazon has the best prices on all pressure cookers including the Instant Pot 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker. For about $100, it is one of the best pressure cookers on the market. Click Here to check it out.

The Instant Pot comes with Instructions, Recipes and cooking time table in English, French and Chinese. For the fast paced, nutritionally aware and green-conscious lifestyle, the Instant Pot 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Customer Reviews

This is a five star rated pressure cooker with its customers. Replacing other separate kitchen appliances makes this an appealing choice for many. Customers said that the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker preformed as advertised and cooking was as simple as placing the food in the pot, pushing two buttons and the buzzer goes off when the food is ready. It will automatically keep your food warm until you are ready to serve. Using the Instant Pot the food is cooked to perfection and tastes better than ever. One customer even said it seems as though she has more food after its cooked than before because of all the retained nutrients.

Many customers expressly appreciated the well-made construction and outstanding quality of the Instant Pot Electric Cooker. They said it was easy to clean and when cooking, unlike the traditional pressure cookers, there was virtually no steam or clean-up. It cooks quietly and efficiently leaving food deliciously tender without falling apart. The Instant Pot is basically a one button functioning appliance unless you are using the manual mode. Changing the cooking time is as easy as pushing the minus or plus button to the time you desire.

In all the reviews we researched for the Instant Pot 6-in1 Cooker, there was no negative comments. Replacing other kitchen appliances, the Instant Pot was described by consumers as a fantastic product at a fantastic price. We would feel very comfortable in recommending this multi-function pressure cooker to anyone looking for pressure cooker that will give them a great multi-functional appliance.

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How to Choose a High Quality LED Grow Light

High-powered LED products are now taking the market by storm, and the commercial greenhouse sector is no exception. Indoor growers often choose LED lighting options in order to minimize their energy costs while increasing their overall yield and productivity at the same time. When looking for a high quality LED lighting option, you have to consider the following features:

1. An adjustable output spectrum

LEDs are basically dimmable, hence a LED lighting option must allow you to tailor your light output spectrum. It is a good choice if you look for the best LED grow lights which can provide individual brightness controls for each LED color. If you can easily vary the output power of each color, it will be possible for you to simulate seasonal light changes over your plants’ multi-week growing cycle. For example, a bluer light could imitate the summer sun which is essential for your plants’ vegetative phase, while a redder light could simulate sunlight during the fall which is essential for the flowering phase.

2. A driver circuit which provides constant current

In choosing a LED grow light, it is important to consider the electronic circuit which provides it power. The “driver” circuit for a LED light works just like an HID ballast which converts AC into DC at the proper voltage. Its job is to supply a constant DC current even when the LED change constantly changes with time and temperature.

Most simple driver circuits feature a constant voltage which means that the output current would vary depending on the LED voltage. This could only cause early LED failure once the temperature of the LED increases, causing the voltage to drop which will then to the driver supplying more current to respond to the decrease in the LED voltage. This often results to a runaway current which could only destroy the LED. Meanwhile, a proper LED driver circuit only supplies a constant DC current while remaining steady as the LED voltage changes with the changes in temperature.

3.An efficient cooling system

Just like your PC’s CPU, high-power LED grow lights should be cooled with the use of a heat sink and a fan. Since high-power LED lights don’t radiate heat, the metal pad would provide them with the only path for heat  to leave. Heat from the LED passes through the metal slug, to the circuit board, into a heat sink then out the surrounding air. It is ideal to look for LEDs which are placed on a metal-core printed circuit board. This technology is able to conduct hundred times more heat as compared to a fiberglass circuit board. It’s actually a necessity for high-power levels which LED grow lights often endure.

You should also make sure that the circuit board is placed to a large heat sink which contains a lot of fins. The presence of many fins could provide more surface area which will dissipate the heat to the surrounding air.

The marketplace for LED grow lights can be confusing at times. You should see what company a particular manufacturer has collaborated with in order to conduct efficacy testing for the product. Regardless if indoor plant growing is your hobby or means of income, you shouldn’t risk your crops or even your budget on poor quality and poorly tested lights.

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